Shop Class on Disney+ – TV Blurb

In the first reality competition show to hit newbie streamer Disney+, Shop Class sees three teams given three days to create their own version of a project such as a Little Free Library, a mini-golf hole, or a skate-park obstacle (as seen in the first three episodes) before being evaluated by a panel of judges.

Each team is made up of two middle school-aged kids and one shop teacher. Throughout each episode, each team member is briefly profiled listing their accomplishments related to building and making.

The show on paper and at first glance is just another reality comp in the mold of a cooking or baking competition show or something similar to the recently-premiered LEGO Masters where teams start a table and must make something in a constrained amount of time.

The judging panel is made up of two main judges, Brooks Atwood and Lauren Makk, while each episode sees a different Walt Disney Imagineer join the panel as a rotating third judge that also appears throughout the episode in “A Moment with a Disney Imagineer” where they give insight on what their role is in Disney Imagineering and how what they do relates to what they want to see out of the teams and their projects.

The show is meant to be watched by kids and families so while there is no high drama with people yelling or screaming at each other to get their project done in time, there are good moments of tension like when teams are dealing with time not being on their side or a design element that must be changed.

At the end of the day, the show is part family-friendly competition show, part promo for Disney Imagineering, but still very cute and entertaining.