Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show – TV Blurb

After the end of Whose Line is it Anyway?’s run on ABC ended in 2004, Host Drew Carey took most of the Whose Line? gang and a giant green screen stage to The WB Network. What happened next was an interesting experiment on how to do improv comedy on TV.

The show featured the cast improvising scenes based on suggestions from the audience on green screen then that footage was given to animators who then animated the scene.

This was my first time watching the show episode by episode, but I’ve seen them many times over the years. My favorites were usually the game shows like “Catch That Knife” and “You Bet Your Pants.”

While still pretty straightforward and simple, Green Screen Show was more messy than Whose Line? Most improvisers will probably tell you that one of the joys of improv is the abiblity to imagine the scene that the perofromer’s create in your own mind’s eye and having animators fill in that for you takes that away.

All that being said, Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show was an interesting experiment that took television improv comedy shows in a different direction, whether it worked or not is up to you.