Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Movie Blurb


The latest incarnation of Spider-Man in the cinematic world is a whole universe of spider-people.

Sony’s animated entry of the web-slinger’s universe features an all-star voice cast, breathtaking animation, and other non-Peter Parker named characters, who have all donned a spider-based mantle, that fans have been waiting to see on the big screen.

Without spoiling much, the film sees Miles Morales, an Afro-Latino boy from Brooklyn who learns to become Spider-Man after he is bitten by a radioactive spider. Along the way, he learns and meets other people who also wear the mask.

My Take:

Dazzling animation, great vocal performance, and a great story make up one of, if not the best cinematic depictions of the character. In my opinion, the less you know about the film, the better. Especially when you read the cast in the credits and say “that was them?!?” If you don’t find most, if not all this movie enjoyable and entertaining, you are a cold-hearted individual who doesn’t deserve to lay eyes Spider-Man.